Meet the Team 2018

Greta Sue Thurston
17 year old high school senior at Branson Online. Started mushing at age 4. Began racing competitively in 2017.

  • American Dog Derby. Ashton, Idaho. First place 22 mile 8-dog
  • Snow Mountain Ranch. Granby, CO. First place 8 mile 8-dog
  • Bachelor Butte Dog Derby. First place 15 mile 7-dog

Hobbies other than sled dogs:

  • Showing horses in both English and Western competitions
  • Raising and showing 4-H pigs
  • Running
  • 4-H leadership including holding positions at a local and state level

4-legged athletes:
Average age of race team is 2.5 years old

Handler: Tom Thurston
47 year old Small Business Owner, proud father and very excited owner of a young dog team.